Sometimes You Just Need To See Owls With Cat Faces

So, everybody knows that cats think they're royalty, and to some they are! BUT what would happen if the rulers of the dirt became the rulers of the skies as well?

Some brilliant people had exactly that thought and did what anyone else would do, combined these owls with the faces of cats and made Cowls? Owts? Meowls? You decide.

Check out these hilarious photos to make your day that little bit more adorable, and a whole lot weirder because whatever you what to call this mash up of animals is not only fantastic but probably the best way to waste time on a rainy day. 

1. Why so worried? You look fabulous!

See, this combination of creatures is something that will make your heart soar!

2. Why does this seem accurate?

They may have the body of an owl but true to form, it's still a cat in there.

3. Still just as cuddly!

You may be on the fence but look at the cute little feet!

4. Content in the cold

This new breed of cat even likes the cold! No more awkward shuffling away from tails in your face at night

5. Fancy facial hair

Owls have always been classy, but mustache classy? This is a new level

6. Attitude

I just mentioned sass but nothing outdoes this face.

7. And they have wings!

I would be like having a bird, except it's a cat.

8. Screech? Meow?

And you would know its a cat because it would still meow for food. CONSTANTLY.

9. Everybody knows about the butt wiggle

Do owls butt wiggle? They do now!

10. Cuddles!

And possibly the cutest thing about all of this HAS to be the idea of trees full of snuggling Cowls

11.Grumpy... Owl?

Grumpiness is the embodiment of cute

12. Snowy Owts!

Think of all the new patterns your pet could have, tabby Cowls, Snowy Owts, the possibilities are endless!

13. Is the cute or scary?

This might throw some people off the idea of a Cat/Owl pet, but with those talons NOTHING is throwing that pet off of YOU

14. Back to the fantastic hair

Majestic. 10/10.

15. Nap time. All the time.

With how much both the animals sleep would a Cowl just be asleep all the time? Must research.

These meowls are literally hilarious, so remember to share with your friends and family!

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