Merlin The Ragdoll Is The Grumpiest Kitty You Will Ever Meet

Merlin is the cutest grumpiest cat that you will ever meet. This furball was born with a scowl on his face that will most likely never go away and we don't want it to. It does not matter in what situation he is in, he looks grumpy and not happy with anything or anybody.

His owners decided that they laugh so much at him and the world deserves to see this grumpy beauty, so they created an Instagram account just for him. They show off his grumpiness with pictures and great captions. 

He has received a whopping 250 000 followers and a lot of likes from people across the globe. Let's make your day better and have a look at this adorable, grumpy furball.

2. Go away human!

A poem by Merlin: Roses are red, violets are blue. F*** off.

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5. Who is this grumpy thing looking at me?

6. He looks quite cute and comfortable.

11. Beautiful fur ball that is named Merlin.

Welcome to Grumpy Town. Population: Merlin.

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