Football Game Suddenly Interrupted By A Black Cat At the MetLife Stadium

November 5th, 2019 was an iconic day where the New York Giants played against the Dallas Cowboys, but this football game wasn't what made it so memorable; the real MVP that day was a black cat who had somehow found its way into the MetLife stadium.

Of course, a cat randomly walking into a football game isn't a regular occurrence by any means. Was it hilarious, though? Absolutely. The sudden appearance of this feline friend left both the crowd and the commentators in hysterics, and the camera made sure to capture some of the best action shots I've seen in my life.

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not big on sports, but that stance looks very impressive.

I'm telling you, this could be a meme template for sure.

I mean.. it could be bad luck? But I'd be willing to take that risk.


I feel you.

That's.. a terrifyingly accurate representation.

I would've cried with joy if I was there, not gonna lie.

Some weren't as fond of the mysterious cat wanderer.

Wishing the best for our kitty friend :)

Does your kitty like interrupting you when you're doing something important?

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