Ugly Cat Art From The Middle Ages Shows Just How Clueless People Were When It Came To Drawing Cats

Holy crap! I think there's only one explanation to what you're about to see, it's either that cats used to look this way back in the middle ages, or people used to suck at drawing, period.

The latter seems more accurate, but seriously, if these artists knew that their art will be preserved and still be relevant for hundreds of years, they probably would've tried way harder than this. Those are not cats at all, they're some ugly and demonic creatures straight from hell.

Brace yourself for the journey you're about to embark on, it's going to be a wild ride that's for sure.

1. It's a cat, but... with human features!

2. This is not even a cat

3. A starving lion

4. A literal demon

5. They knew how to draw dogs though

6. I'm pretty sure that's also not a cat

7. A cat on steroids

8. They were way ahead of their time

9. Why is he naked though?

10. So. CREEPY...

11. It looks so mad

12. The Cat King

13. This seems like some kind of warrior kitty

14. Be careful of this one

15. A cat with a musical career

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