Your Cat Will Absolutely LOVE This Miniature Furniture That Was Made Just For Felines

After IKEA recently decided to launch a collection that is entirely consisted of pet furniture, one of its Japanese competitors decided to step the game up entirely. The company is called Okawa Kagu and they created a whole collection of furniture just for cats, their quality is one of the best and if you happen to be a spoiling kind of cat-parent, you will absolutely love this!

The entire project was originally intended to promote Fukuoka, which is an area in Japan consisted of professionals who specialize in traditional crafts like cutlery, hardware, woodworking, and glass. It also hosts around 150 factories dedicated to furniture which makes it one of Japan's many industrial capitals.

Their cat furniture is pretty much scaled-down replicas of real human furniture, and they will be exhibited in Okawa Terrazza, the city's tourism and interior information center.

Any cat would love this furniture set, probably. That is unless they prefer the box it came in instead.

Look at this ferocious little lion

A comparison with regular furniture

At least he's using it

It's pretty tiny and cute

He looks like a giant cat here

An entire kitty bedroom

Not very impressed

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