Japanese Designers Create The Most Regal Miniature Furniture For Cats

Furniture for cats is becoming more and more popular. Tetris cat towers, cat-sized cardboard landmarks...Many manufacturers are designing and producing amazing pieces of cat furniture. Even IKEA has come on board with their line of products.

One newcomer to the market has already managed to draw much attention thanks to their fantastic design and good quality craftsmanship. This super-chic collection by Japan’s Okawa Kagu is marketed with a “craftsman MADE” logo.

The main goal, besides producing excellent cat furniture, is to revive the craft industry in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture region. It is home to 150 furniture-producing factories, and it has seen better days.

Okawa Kagu had an idea to merge growing interest in pet accessories and the skills of the local artisans, and the result is incredible. They took the existing full-scale designs and made them smaller, keeping the excellent production quality that made them famous.

“Craftsman MADE”

The collection includes a pinewood sofa created by Hiromatsu Furniture and a dark wood cat bed built by Tateno Mokuzai.

You can see the pieces at Okawa Terrazza—an information center that focuses on promoting local design. Each product is obtainable through the respective producers.

The collection was made to look exactly like the original furniture, only adjusted to cat-size.

Cats really love this furniture.

What do you think about this line of furniture? The comments section is all yours. 

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