This Orange-Nosed Siberian Cat Has An Irresistible Personality

Mirabeau is a 3-years old Seal Lynx Point Siberian with one of the most adorable orange noses you'll ever see. Before we even had a chance to chat with her human it was very clear from her photos that she was paws-itively packed with purr-sonality. With precious and humorous expressions on her sweet kitty face, it's hard not to fall in love at first sight with such a sweet cat!

While the Siberian breed of cat originated centuries ago in Russia, Mirabeau lives a fun-filled, floofy life in Canada where she has accumulated almost 52,000 followers on Instagram and occasionally receives requests from fans on Cameo to send paws-itive messages! We were delighted to get to know her better through the eyes of her loving human.

Hello Mirabeau!

Siberian cats are an ancient breed that is now believed to be ancestral to all modern long-haired cats.

We asked Mirabeau's human how they came to be a family and she said:

We met her at a breeder’s house. She was 10 months old and called Gucci at the time. She was the most beautiful cat we’d ever saw! Her interesting patterns made her a favourite of the breeder who wanted to keep her. Lucky us though, the little fluff ball welcomed us into her heart

Siberian cats are notoriously agile and athletic cats, and Mirabeau is as playful as the reputation that proceeds her.

Her human told us:

Every morning after a visit to the litter box she barrels upstairs and starts to grunt and growl.... the zoomies begin! She tears around the living room making hilarious but ferocious noises. Using the sofa as a bank she bounces around like a ping pong ball. It lasts for 5-10 minutes until she gets too tired.

And Mirabeau is definitely a cat fond of toys and play! Her human says:

She has a few favorite toys; a spring, a string, and a laser pointer. While Mirabeau chases the spring around she will often crash into furniture because she’s so focused on the task. Occasionally she’ll also play with corks, a Yeoww fishy, Kong Wubba, or a feather teaser, we try to keep it fresh.

Mirabeau enjoys belly-rubs and loves armpit scritches!

Mirabeau's name is as lovely and unique as she is, and if you're curious where the name comes from, her humans let us know!

We named her after the Cours Mirabeau, a famous street in Aix-en-Provence in southern France, that we visited in 2016 around the time she was born.

She has a big personality and talks a LOT, she likes to sleep only on Catdad’s lap, but only likes massages from Catmom.

Mirabeau says:

I love being in the backyard soooo much, chasing bugs, chewing grass, and meowing at Meowmy

Mirabeau's fur is luxurious and beautiful, and according to Wikipedia: "Siberians express the three natural types of feline fur: guard hair, awn hair, and down hair. These three layers protect the cat from the Russian weather extremes, and provide a hardy, easy to care for coat today. The fur is textured but glossy, which decreases the occurrence of matting."

Mirabeau's human says:

She’s not a fan of being held for long. Mirabeau hates nail clipping and brushing, but we get through it.

Mirabeau is fierce, connected to her inner big cat:

She also detests all veggies, opting only for meat like a true carnivore!

But most important of all, Mirabeau's family says, "she makes us happy every day."

You can support Mirabeau by following her on Instagram!

"Be fierce. Go get ‘em. Do your best. And all that other good stuff." - Mirabeau the Siberian

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