Feline Facebook Group Has 30k Members In New Zealand Who Take Pictures Of One Local Cat Wherever They See Him

Mittens the cat is a sort of a local superstar in New Zealand’s capital. This 10-year-old cat of the Turkish Angora breed is also referred to as His Royal Majesty, Mittens the King, The King of Wellington, Wellington Morale Officer…

He is a beloved figure in Wellington, and the best proof is his Facebook page that has over 30k members from all around the globe.

Citizens of Wellington and tourists take pictures of him and share them in the group. This cat is allowed to go almost everywhere - he comes into offices where he just hangs out or go to people’s homes and takes a nap. Mittens does have a family, and he goes home every night to hang out with them and his brother Latte. 

The Facebook group devoted to him is called The Wondrous Adventures of Mittens, and here are some of the cutest photos that were posted there:


"Since lots of you guys want to see the King Mittens with Halo on his head... Here it is. You’re all welcome"

"Mittens had been somewhat known in wellington and previously in Auckland for a while," Sam, the administrator of the Facebook group told the reporters. "I do think that he gained more fame after the Facebook group was created and word started spreading! As for his recent global fame, I really have no idea how that started! International members have been joining the group for a while as people invited friends and family."


"Once in a blue moon mittens and latte decide to put their differences aside. Today is one of those days - a Blades of Glory moment."


"His Royal Majesty looking fabulous near his residence at The Terrace"


“So why were you late for work?” “Oh, I was taking selfies with a famous cat.” “Haha… Wait, really?” Yup.

"What made him so popular is his strange way of making the city his own," Sam tells the story. "He will go into whatever shop he chooses and just pick a place to sleep. He has no cares in the world about it. He loves to both explore new places or frequent the same shop/business a few days in a row. He will even get into lifts and go up several stories! When he does this, he just follows people in and gets out when they get out. Never knowing where he is going to end up. His sense of adventure and carefree attitude is surely to be admired. He is normally pretty keen for pats and pictures with his self-named “Smittens”. So the fact that he is very friendly has also led to his popularity."


"Almost came off my bike when I saw him but it was bloody worth it."

When asked if there are tourists who come to Wellington to meet Mittens, Sam said: "Yes! I have heard of a few people who have made the trip to Wellington specially to go Mittens hunting. Also, if people are coming here for another reason, they often make time to see if they can find the king. The Facebook group is great for this as people post photos and sightings of him often."

"He lets people know when he is not up for attention as he will just walk right by them and not stop for pats," the owner and manager of Mittens' Facebook group said "He has also been known to let people know when he does not want to be picked up or moved, with a light warning scratch. This happened to the poor employee from EB Games (gaming retail store) last night. Mittens spent his afternoon there sleeping on Xbox and PlayStation games on their sale table. He did not want to move and had to be evicted at closing time!"


"Was feeling a bit off this morning and nearly called in sick. Glad I didn’t because today was the day His Royal Highness decided to grace my humble desk with a long nap… and then he helped himself to my water. Best. Day. Ever. As he was sleeping he left a puddle of drool on my paperwork. Framing that, obvs."

"I noticed there had been a lot of posts on one on Wellington’s Facebook community groups about him with concerns from people that he was lost or didn’t have a home because he was in the middle of the city," the Facebook group administrator says. "He was brought into the SPCA a few times also, which meant that his owner had to come and get him. We frequently (almost daily) got calls about him at the SPCA. I decided I would create a Facebook Group for him to raise awareness about the fact that he had an owner, was healthy, and knew how to get around the city. I created this group on 6th April 2018 and shared a link in the previously mentioned Wellington community Facebook group. The group quickly gained members and the calls about him to the SPCA slowed down. His owner Silvio also said he wasn’t getting as many calls about him either. Mittens normally wears a collar with Silvios number on it, so you can imagine he got a lot of calls!"


"Walking to work...put down bag to pat Mittens...he climbed into bag and claimed the free-range eggs I was taking to work for colleagues."


"Ended the year painting something that seems to make so many people happy, Mittens! Enjoy. This is down Inverlocky Lane."

When asked whether she was lucky enough to meet the famous cat, Sam replied: "I have met Mittens myself. I have seen him at the SPCA a couple of times. I have never met him out in the wild as I am not often in town. The couple of times I have been in town I have not been able to find him.In person he is just as floofy and charming as he looks! He is so loving and friendly and makes cute trilling noises to say hello."


"As you can see… Mittens was just as excited as we were for the photo."




"The third date with Mittens….he walked me home like a true gentleman…had a nightcap….and jumped straight into my bed…such a Casanova!!!!"


"The King graced our presence at Amnesty NZ, Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Prevention Network this afternoon on Willis st. He learned about Human Rights, inspected our Christmas decorations, had some water and then took a ride in the lift back downstairs."


"This chirpy boy tried to hitch a ride with me to work today."


"Mittens on 11 Feb 2020"

"I started the group slightly out of frustration because of well meaning people calling about him or taking him to vet clinics or SPCA when it wasn’t needed," Sam said. "I never ever expected it to get this big. I have since taken on two more moderators to be able to keep up with the workload!I continue the group these days for the pure joy Mittens being people who meet him and to help with the fun of people who are Mittens hunting. Even people who will never meet him who are overseas, say they enjoy getting their “daily Mittens dose” and look forward to seeing his pictures and latest antics."


"My first encounter! Outside Rogue and Vagabond"


"We traveled all the way from the US to meet the mayor of Wellington. Mittens and his brother Latte made an appearance. Mittens also discovered the infamous American banana (full of catnip). Mission accomplished."


"When you have to lock up and Mittens doesn't want to leave... I felt so bad!"


"I don’t think mittens is a fan of this weather either"


"Welcome to Mac’s Brewbar, Handsome"


"Mittens came to the strip club tonight"


"Mittens graced us with his presence during a video shoot by the civic square"



"Blessed to have my daughter’s bike seat approved of by His Majesty! Mittens got comfy and didn’t want to be removed but fortunately, his owner came along to take him home. (I wasn’t game to move the bike with him sitting there.) In the meantime, he got lots of pats and attention from friendly passersby."


"Mittens came for his 2nd visit to Kitomba within a week. We're on the 7th floor in Eagle Tech House Victoria St. As you can see, his royal highness is holding an audience with his round table... Never seen a group of guys be so smitten"


"Mittens is currently having a nap in Crumpet"


"Mittens knocked on my apartment door last night, came in, had a few naps, then headed off!"


"Rumble in the jungle"


"Mittens on top of the world literally..."


"Mittens hanging out at The Rogue & Vagabond tonight. When I spotted him, I screeched and ran across the street like a mad woman. His Floofiness allowed me to sit beside him and pet his glorious head. Day made!"

Sam was asked if everyone in Wellington knows Mittens: "I wouldn’t say everyone knows him but a large majority do! For the most part, shops and businesses let him come and go as he pleases! There are a couple that have refused him entry, or kicked him out when he tried to visit, but they’re just missing out!"

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