Meet Mocha: The Highland Lynx Cat You'll Find Irresistibly Cute

A Highland Lynx, also known as a Highlander or Highlander Shorthair, is a relatively new and experimental cat breed with distinct and adorable features. According to the Wikipedia file on this unique cat breed:

The unique appearance of the Highlander comes from the deliberate cross between the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl breeds, also recently developed. The latter of these has some non-domestic ancestry from two Asian small cat species, the leopard cat and jungle cat, making the Highlander nominally a feline hybrid, though its foundation stock is mostly domestic cat.

When we stumbled on Mocha's Instagram account we were surprised, because Mocha is a very beautiful cat and Mocha's features are definitely unique! So, we decided to reach out and get to know Mocha a little more and share all this cat-goodness with you!

Mocha lives in Ontario, Canada and is 3-years-old.

Highlander cats have no known health problems and are known to be fond of water!

Of course, like all cats, Mocha can take some silly photos, too.

Some Highlander cats have polydactyl paws!

Mocha's human told us that one time, Mocha bit a cactus. We bet Mocha didn't do that again!

Mocha enjoys playing with string, but she also looks pretty comfortable snugged up with this cat stuffy!

Look at this sweetheart in action!

She's excited for warmer weather.

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Excited for spring! 🌷☀️

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Mocha enjoys freeze-dried chicken treats and is definitely living the good life!

If you'd like to follow her on her adventures and just gaze lovingly at this beautiful cat, you can follow her on her Instagram!

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