Monkey Is A Cute Vampire Cat And He Certainly Has The Personality To Match His Fangs

For a lot of people getting a pet is a big thing and something they desperately need in their life. It is said that people who suffer from depression or are in a low time in their life, need a pet because funny enough cats and dogs make us feel better and loved.

Their love is something out of this world and it is something each and every human being should experience at least once in their life. Some people even think that a pet comes into your life when you least expect it, but when you need them the most. 

This is certainly true for Nicole Rienzie. Her love and angel came in the form of a sick black kitten who threw himself in front of her car one night. That certainly is a way to get noticed!

They are now the best of friends and Monkey has these cool vampire fangs which have certainly made him Instagram famous. Even though they are now happy it wasn't always like that for them. 

One night in 2010 Nicole was at her lowest when she lost her father, a very close friend and she was experiencing extreme chronic pain from a car crash that she was in. So, it's safe to say she was down and out and she needed someone to rescue her. 

That is where Monkey comes in and he helped her heal and fill her heart with love again. 

But Monkey didn't always have a human who loves him and he wasn't always Instagram famous.

When Nicole first adopted him his name was Sergio, but as he healed and got stronger his goofy personality came to the surface and that's when she gave him the name Monkey. 

"He climbed, jumped, swung from everything like a monkey," Nicole said. About a year after she adopted him she realized something strange. Monkey began to grow these amazing fangs and boy did they match his goofy personality perfectly. 

At first Nicole was scared that his fangs will hurt him or affect his eating because they are so long, but fortunately, her vet set her mind at ease by telling her that it is just one more thing that makes Monkey special. 

Ever since that first night, they met they have been saving each other each and every day. Nicole gives Monkey a safe haven and loads of love and Monkey keep her happy by making her laugh 24/7. 

And apparently, Monkey is up to his tricks again because his new thing is shredding toilet paper!

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