In Case You Missed Them, Here Are Some Of The Best Cat Posts From The Last Few Weeks

I wish I was one of those cool people who have a bunch of trendy stickers on their laptop; but I just have one, and it says, "I love my cat." True story. Both the sticker and the fact that I love my cat.

I got the sticker from my local animal rescue shelter who give them out as a reminder to adopt animals, rather than buying them from pet shops and breeders. Please adopt older cats, they’re just as loving and just as deserving of a good home. Then, who knows? Maybe your cat content will end up on one of these posts!

Imagine coming hope after a long day and seeing this smile!!

That smile. That damned smile.. from r/cats

"She's beauty, she's grace, she'll... fall on her face."

That's one big boi



I specifically downloaded TikTok to watch cat videos

"If I fits, I sits."

Olaf looks like a criminal mastermind

He's cute and naughty with a little extra naughty from r/aww

What a fluffy monster!

Only kind of baby growth updates I care about

An absolute glow up from r/aww

That cat has a better sense of rhythm than I do...

Gary has done more exercise than I ever have

Gary was pretty excited about reaching his first ever summit! from r/cats

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