15 MORE Recent Cat Posts to Brighten Your Day

With the continued events in the news around the world these days, it is easy to feel exhausted or like things will always remain this way. Never fear though because this article is coming to the rescue.

Here are some photos and videos people have taken of their cats that are sure to brighten your day and show you that not all is bad in today’s world no matter what the international media would lead you to believe.

Here’s hoping no matter what is happening in your life or in the world that these beautiful cats will make things better even if just for a minute.

A meme waiting to happen.

"I'm not a cat person" *proceeds to fall in love with cat*

Trying to be one of the humans.

...and the winner of the high jump goes to...

Going wild on the trampoline.

Birthday kitty is absolutely adorable

This cat has their license... license to be cute.

Giving the birds a piece of their mind.

Into the cardboard safe space kitty goes.

Smol kitty is so adorable

"Walk slower doggo"

Cubby space for cats.

This kitten sucking their thumb is too cute to handle.

Be back soon.

YAY! You did it cat!

What do you think?

Do you like these beautiful cats? Do you have any other pics of beautiful cats?

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