More Amazing Cats For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you need to reflect on something pawsitive yet this week, may I encourage you to do so over a collection of recent cat images shared to the Internet? Honestly, what better way to see the good in the world than to look at cats being cute, cats being naughty, and cats doing what cats do?

Truly a never ending source of delight, cats are continuing down their path of entertaining us with their mischievous shenanigans and purr-filled cuddle sessions. That's far from something to complain about and everything to consider celebrating, and celebrating cats is something we take very seriously. You might even call us professional cat celebrators.

1. I see no lies here

2. Art.

3. I don't know his story, but his face suggests he definitely has one.

4. Cat was here calling card.

5. The cat in the box, "sure, Karen, take a picture so it lasts longer."

6. "Caught in the act."

7. "Vintage Cuteness."

8. "Wonder Paws Activate!"

9. Hello friend

10. A gift for humankind

11. Christmas trees confirmed enormous cat toys.

12. Do you think he knows how incredibly dapper he is?

13. Oh, you stepped away for 60 seconds and he claimed your soup

14. If I fits, I sits is not a law, catto.

15. Have you ever seen anything more unimpressed?

16. "Our shelter cat, Cheezit is a heavy sleeper."

17. Such Eyes of Wonder

18. Collision!

19. The one and only smudge, table cat, thinking about vegetables.

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