This Adorable Cat's Moustache Is Taking Over The Internet

If you moustache yourself one question about cute cats, it would certainly be, "who is the cutest cat right now?" If your bias like me, you'd probably want to answer, "my cat, of course," and I don't blame you! However, I will ask you to consider in the running for top 3 a kitty named Gringo.

"What's so special about Gringo," you ask? Again, I don't blame you, but just one look at this little purring, pouncing puss and you will know for sure: it's his adorable moustache. Gringo is still in the early stage of life, having only been born in August of 2018, but he has already established quite the Instagram following! To date he has over 30,000 followers and there appears to be no end in sight to his growing popularity. The British Shorthair is up to great things and we are excited to share his sweet, little face with you!

It's my pleasure to introduce to you: Gringo the Moustache Cat

Gringo lives in France and has quickly become the latest kitty to become an Internet sensation on Instagram.

He is a super handsome and sassy cat, and lives with his human parents Ramon and Sabrine, along with a sibling cat named Milko.

Gringo is a British Shorthair, the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat. They're well known for their "distinctively chunky body, dense coat and broad face."

Gringo was born in August of 2018 and it was im-paws-ible not to notice what a cute and unique kitten he was, courtesy of his distinguished-looking moustache.

His followers continue to amass on Instagram and he is an "official" ambassador for the cat brand ViviPet!

British Shorthair cats are very popular in homes and in the media.

The Cat Fanciers' Association profile reads: "When gracelessness is observed, the British Shorthair is duly embarrassed, quickly recovering with a 'Cheshire cat smile'”.

Spending his days frolicking as a happy cat alongside his cat sibling, Milko, who is also an incredibly gorgeous cat by the way, Gringo and his moustache are living the good life in France.

While Milko doesn't have as many followers as Gringo does, Milko also doesn't have the adorable moustache that Gringo does.

However, Milko's stunning eyes are a slice of heaven.

They really are a dynamic duo, and both of their Instagram accounts bring daily joy to any and all who follow them.

You can follow Gringo here and you can follow Milko here.

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