Hilarious Experiment Aims To Determine Just How Narrow Of A Gap Cats Can Squeeze Through

Maru and Hana are living their best cat life. The Instagram sensational kitty duo has nearly 300,000 followers, a popular blog, and a book! It doesn't get much bigger than life than that for a couple of curious cats. Maru, a male scottish fold, and Hana, a female, are curious, inquisitive, and photogenic as heck. That is basically the purr-fect combination for Internet fame so it shouldn't surprise you that they're knocking it out of the park a little more every day!

Recently they took fun to new levels when their owner orchestrated an experiment which begs the question: just how narrow of a passage way can cats get through? It turned out cuter and funnier than anyone could have expected.

Maru & Hana

I mean, just look at these cuties. Of course they're popular! They're purr-fectly precious.

It all started so simple.

And even when the pressure was applied, the cats remained unbothered.

Dr. Marty Becker from Vetstreet.com explains why cats are able to squeeze through incredibly narrow spaces, and it's not just sheer will and determination:

Cats are able to squeeze through spaces that seem narrower than they are because cats don't have a rigid collarbone to block their way through nooks and crannies. Once they can get their head and shoulders through, their sleek bodies present no further obstacle.

Of course, Dr. Becker's explanation doesn't really help the mega chonky boi type of cat, but that's okay. Maru and Hana excelled at the experiment, squeezing through each new, more narrow pathway.

Naturally, they brought some sass along with them. That's cats for you, of course.

Purr-haps they used teamwork and communication? We may never know.

However, we definitely enjoyed watching them work it out.

Especially when they made faces like this.

And especially when the pressure to squeeze got faces like this.

"You've got to be kitten me, right meow."

Alas, defeat.

5cm proved too narrow of a passageway for Maru and Hana.

And here, you can watch the whole video in all its adorable hilarity!

Maru and Hana's experiment is fast approaching 1 million views on YouTube, and with the response from the Internet, it makes sense!

The long suspected theory: are cats fluids or solids?

What even are cats?

Relatable cat content lives to delight us another day.

If you haven't already, be sure to follow Maru and Hana on Instagram. That way you can keep up with their adorable shenanigans!

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