32 Hilarious Times People Grasped How Nasty Their Cats Truly Are

It is never easy when you realize that your cat doesn’t give a damn about you. The Twitter thread called Mean Cat Owners Anonymous exists so cat owners could share their stories, experiences, and emotional roller-coasters, which they unknowingly signed up for when they’ve decided to get a cat.

You might think this is exaggerating, but there is no need to inflate posts like this one from user Meredith Hankins, that says, “my cat has a note in all caps red letters in his vet file,” that says doctors should muzzle him before treating.

The upside is that not all cats are like that; they are mostly kind and love to snuggle. That is- until they reveal their true character…

1. He has high standards.


3. Scars and love will never heal.

A scientific adviser David Sands says that some cats tend to display more hostile behavior than the others. “There are, of course, many influences for feline antisocial behavior in the home. Especially relevant would be a lack of early socialization and if the cat was the product of a feral mating,” Sands clarified. At times, the neighbor cats could be blamed: “it is also known that the introduction of other feral or dominant cats into a neighborhood can cause an emotional upheaval. House moves, intrusive surgery, hormonal changes and variations in the social situation of owners including partner loss, illness, family, or partners moving in or out, and the introduction of babies can also have a significant effect on feline behavior.”

Often, the cats do not enjoy petting as much as humans do. David says that in his clinical case notes, "it is not unusual to find a comment that owners are finding it difficult to reduce physical contact with their cats. This is despite an explanation provided that controlling physical and emotional interaction will help to prevent issues." Remember - sometimes taking a step back could be more beneficial in reducing your cat's aggression than trying to make friends with him continuously. 

Finally, it's important to understand that "love is a human emotion," according to Sands as "litter mothers care for kittens." It's true that "adult cats may groom each other, but they don't stroke each other." 


A 2013 study showed that domestic cats which were petted more often showed higher levels of anxiety. An additional study indicated that cats don’t care if you call them. 20 domestic cats were played three voice recordings (two from total strangers and one from their owners), they didn’t display interest of any kind. 

When your cat rubs up against your leg, the first thing that comes to your mind is, "What a bond we have!". Your kitty sees it differently, more like "That belongs to me." Many scientists think that this behavior is not a sign of fondness, but a cat's effort to disperse their scent. Scent marking is an animal way to mark territorial limits and claim their control over your home.


6. Gotta love a good prank.



9. Use drugs.





14. She’s not bad, just likes ice cream.



17. The house must be a mess.



20. Safest place.





25. Cage rage.


27. He hates his nails being clipped.


29. “Well adjusted”



32. Always have your First Aid Kit prepared.

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