Cats That Regretted NOTHING When They Crashed Nativity Scenes

Reality is: cats are cats and they're gonna do what cats do. There are many reasons why cats may be lured in to the very center of nativity scenes. If you're unfamiliar, nativity scenes are common and popular Christmas decorations, depicting the birth of Jesus. The wholesome imagery often stirs happy feels in the folks who sometimes get a little too caught up in the capitalist components that Christmas tends to consume us with.

So, why do cats crash nativity scenes? Is it the cozy little bed? Is it the spot of light that shines on the cozy, little bed? Or purrhaps... it's because they simply cannot tolerate attention going anywhere other than them? We can muse over it while we giggle at a gallery of cats who decided, "I'm the reason for the season, now, Karen."

1. "My In-Laws Cat Is Really Getting Into The Christmas Spirit This Year"

Holly-Jolly Catto

2. "Our Cat Loki Invaded Next Doors Nativity Scene, His Face Is Hilarious"

Clearly, he is doing his best Joseph impression.

3. "Visiting The Holy Land"

Featuring the holiest sight of them all: cat.

4. "This Cat Found A Place To Sit And Wasn't Bothered At All By The Crowd Of People Photographing It"

The purr-fect amount of attention.

5. "Nativity Cat"

He enjoys them bowing their heads.

6. "Dad Sent Me This Picture With The Comment, "He Brought Gold, Frankincense, And Purr""


7. "Jesus Looks A Bit Hairrier Than I Expected"

Just nod and smile.

8. "An Intruder"

Alert, Alert!

9. "This Is My House Now"


10. "Little Angel"

s m o l

11. "Our Cat Porter Has Joined The Nativity Scene"

Nicely done, Porter.

12. "Down You Go"

Get the heck out of my spot.

13. ""Baby In A Manger" (By The Way, Her Name Is Actually Baby)"

And she's angelic.

14. "The Jesus In Our Crib Is A Bit Fat, Furry And Pointy Eared... But Undeniably Cute!"


15. "A Cat-Ivity Scene"

I like this play on words because I rather like cats.

16. "And Then The Little Baby Jesus Was Carried Off By The Catosaurus. The End"

My favorite part of the classic story.

17. "Huge Sheep In The Nativity Scene At Our House"

Meow, I mean Baaaaaa.

18. "Awaaaaay In The Manger... Oh..."

Hi baby!

19. "My Parents Put Up A Nativity Thing, Tell Me Why My Cat Is Chilling In There, Lookin Like Jesus"

No on shines brighter than an orange cat on Christmas.

20. "Sula The Cat Walks Around The Statues In The Church"

She's got that look in her eyes.

21. "One Is Not Like The Others"

Can you spot it?

22. "A Cat In The Nativity Scene"

The ears kill me.

23. "Christmas Is Cancelled By A Giant Cat That Squashed Baby Jesus And Ate The 3 Wise Men"


24. "Found The Cat Laying In The Middle Of The Nativity Scene"


25. "There Was A Cat In The Manger With Baby Jesus..."



26. "Day 7. They Still Suspect Nothing"

Seems legit.

27. "Come They Told Him Meow Meow Meow. Zara Has Come To Pay Her Respects To The New Born King"

Respect received.

28. "On My Morning Run, I Came Across This Cat-Tivating Scene"

Ahh, so cozy.

29. "A Cat Sits In The Nativity Scene Outside A Church"

I think this might be the most purr-fect imagery I've ever seen of how I assume cats view themselves.

30. "At My Friend's Church, The Church Cat Has Evicted The Baby Jesus From The Manger"

I can totally picture the cat performing the eviction, too.

31. "Parent's Cat Decided To Become Part Of The Nativity Scene"

Thank goodness.

32. "Landlord Kitty Has No Sympathy For Your Sad Tale, Mary"


33. "A Purrfect Place To Rest"

Pay no mind, nothing to see here out of the norm.

34. "Catnap"

Sooooooo cozy!

35. "Cat-Ivity In NYC"

He looks so grumpy about it.

36. "What's This You Brought Me? Frankincence?"

He prefers catnip, you heathen.

37. "Sorry Not Sorry"

If you did not want cat to sits, should not have made it so easy to fits.

38. "We Decided To Showcase The Cat That Was At The First Christmas"

Smug as heck.

39. "And The Angel Said Unto Them "Behold, A Cat Stuffed Itself Into A Manger""

I mean, you're not wrong.

40. "No Room For Baby Jesus"

There can be only one, after all.

How have your cats handled your holiday decor? Show off in the comments!

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