17 Naughty Cats Who Decided During A Toilet Paper Shortage Was A Good Time To Destroy Toilet Paper

I've scratched my head countless times over the last month while I watched people hoard entire pallets of toilet paper (enough to last a lifetime,) while the sane people slowly ran out and eased into an uncomfortable panic because they didn't buy more than a week or two's worth of toilet paper and now they can't find any.

The toilet paper thing has been confusing and chaotic. An unexpected villain in all of this? Cats.

Not that we don't love cats (we really do love them,) but they are unfortunately notorious for messing with toilet paper... and by messing with it, I mean destroying it. Unfortunately, some of them have realized now is truly their time to shine and have been maliciously destroying precious toilet paper when it cannot be easily replaced.


1. Chaoic Laughter

2. He is only ashamed he was busted.

3. The last of it's kind.

4. "This roll is MINE."

I'm not going to tell him otherwise.

5. "Nosferatu does not understand the severity of the situation at hand..."

At least he is very, very cute.

6. "Eh sorry that I destroyed your roll of toilet paper, but hey that’s not my problem"

I'll forgive you because you are cute.

7. Totally unphased.

8. He looks delighted.

9. Truly, a mystery.

10. Unapologetic as heck.

11. The best part are the sassy ears.

12. They remain oblivious.

13. This kitten is clearly innocent.

"I didn’t do it. The roll jumped off the holder and unrolled itself! I know there’s a toilet paper crisis right now, so I told it not to but I couldn’t stop it. It was unrolled before I knew it. Sorry mum & dad"

15. They know what's good.

16. Unapologetically Cat-tastic.

17. "Oh, Poutine. You don't know what you've done...."

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