New Born Kitten Found Abandoned Under Oil Painting And Brought Back From The Edge

A tiny newborn kitten and his sister were found wet, alone, and lifeless under an oil painting in an art studio in Washington DC. The babies were barely hours old and had no one to care for them so Hannah Shaw, from Kitten Lady, rushed down to save them. 



Hannah found out about the kittens after they were born mere blocks from her in an art studio.

"She feeds community cats, and sometimes they come into her art studio. That day, a young cat came in and gave birth underneath an oil painting and left behind two newborn kittens still wet from birth," Hannah said in an interview. 

"When we arrived they were four hours old, frozen, stiff, wet, and so lifeless that we thought one was dead."



After an hour of attempting to warm the babies up, they finally began to show signs of life. It began as small wiggling and moving their legs, and although they were extremely weak it was obvious the babies were fighting to live.

"They were in horrible shape, stiff little icicles, who had never gotten a single drop of their mother's milk. It's not safe to feed a newborn kitten until they are warmed up and even then you have to do so, so carefully, one drop at a time."



The babies were so tiny that they spent the first night in an incubator, in order to keep them warm. And slowly but carefully Hannah began to feed them.

They were so small that they didn't know how to nurse, so she was up every few hours to tube feed the pair.



She worked hard feeding the kittens, diluting their formula with Pedialyte and then adding Bene-bac to help them digest it all. And quickly after their feedings began the siblings began to put on weight like any other normal pair.

However, tragedy struck when Mink, the solid black kitten, passed away after only two days of life. That left her tuxedo brother, Badger, alone and still fighting to live.



The mother of Mink and Badger was also found.

"The mama cat has been trapped and sterilized. She was so small she wasn't even lactating," Hannah said. "80% of kittens born each year are born to outdoor community cats.

Spay and neuter your cats, and get active for Trap-Neuter-Return for the cats in your community to help prevent incidents like this."



And now Badger is doing his best to develop like he should. At the time of the interview, the tiny baby was 10 days old.

"He's a preemie, so he's developing a little slower than your average ten-day old kitten, but he's doubled in weight and I expect his eyes to open up any day now," Hannah said.



Little Badger is tiny but strong! He's proving to everyone that sometimes being the fastest isn't always the best and that with a little love and care, miracles can happen!

"I'm completely enamored with this little guy. He's doing great but is definitely a late bloomer. Slow and steady wins the race, so no rush here!"



This tiny Tuxedo wearing baby is definitely has a great life ahead of him!



If you'd like to follow along with Badger's story make sure you check him out on Hannah's Kitten Lady Facebook and Instagram Pages. Also, if you'd like to know how you can help make sure you Click Here.

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