Has The Internet Successfully Replaced The Official Grumpy Cat? You Decide.

On May 17th, Tardar Sauce, AKA Grumpy Cat, was reported to the world of fans that her life on Earth had ended, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone. The Internet's Most Beloved and Famous Cat, her passing left an emptiness in our hearts and souls.

While truly, no one could every purr-fectly fill her iconic paws, there does appear to be a new cat roaming the Internet that just might purr-fectly live up to the Grumpy Legacy! Louis, a 6-year-old Persian cat from Austin, Texas, has seemingly been dubbed the new ‘Grumpy Cat’ by followers on his social media accounts! However, Louis's following is still kind of small so this is the purr-fect opportunity to both celebrate another beautiful cat while gently scrutinizing his grumpy credentials. Is Louis the new Grumpy Cat? Let's explore...

Meet Louis!

Louis's owner told Caters News Agency:

Louis is a full breed Persian but people often ask if he has a genetic disorder because they think his facial features are an exception, but he is completely normal.

Louis definitely looks like a grump!

But to Tardar Sauce's dwarfism, Louis has no deformities or abnormalities at all. He is simply a pure-bred Persian!

Despite his seemingly able-ness, Louis's owners say they are asked if something is wrong with him all the time.

Louis's owner, Michelle says that Louis is a very healthy cat, but has frequently joked about his temperament.

He looks grumpy, but he may not be such a grump.

How does Louis get his fabulous look? In an interview with catreporter.com, Louis himself said:

Well, I must admit that my fur is very soft. I use a purrotein conditioner when I am bathed… Ugh – baths!

However, don't just take his purr-fectly poised photos as proof of his grumpiness....

There's video evidence he's a master grump.

Louis's family includes his human, Michelle and his cat-sibling, Monae. Michelle told the media:

When we got Monae she was a baby and Louis was a full grown cat, and yet she bullied him for two months straight. She even tackles and picks at him, but really she loves him.

Michelle also says that Louis is very lovable, a cuddle bug, and a playful sweetheart despite his grumpy appearance.

But Louis appears to disagree, again telling Katniss from catreporter.com:

Oh, that’s litter-ally just some spin my people put out to make me seem “likeable” when I really have disgust and disdain for just about everyone.

Michelle makes no attempt to hide her adoration for Louis though, saying:

They [people] love his big ‘marble eyes’ that he squints often. Louis is now referred to as the ‘new Grumpy Cat’, but he is actually very sweet, happy and playful. He loves to snuggle and give head rubs, he will chase lasers and play with toys.

Louis's opinion on being, "The New Grumpy Cat" was also summed up in his catreporter.com interview:

I understand that with the passing of Grumpy Cat there was a large hole left in the Interwebs. But there will only ever be one Grumpy Cat. I am flattered by the compurrison, but I am my own beast.

Living in Texas might be reason enough to be grumpy, or not, depends on your purr-spective, but Louis seems to be living his best life.

And while we full-heartedly agree, absolutely no cat on Earth could replace our dearly departed Tardar Sauce, Louis definitely has his name in the ring for all the right reason... he is a grumpy-looking kitty!

Let us know what you think, is this the future of Grumpy Cat?

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