A Japanese Photographer Specializes In 'Ninja Cats' And The Photos Are Adorable

Cat lovers unite! Cute cats acting like high flying ninjas have now been caught on camera in these amazing photos, and as you can imagine the results are just purrrrrfect!

Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki has dedicated his time to watching cats in their intense training sessions and capturing the moves they use to amazing us through a lens. From punches and kicks to flips, spins, and the occasional death glare this photographer has seen all the tricks these little assassins have to offer. 

Does your cat ever pull out any of these stunts? Maybe it's a part of this secret feline training school Hiroyuki seems to have discovered... So be careful! You never know what your feline is plotting...

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1. Say hello to my little friend


3. I call this one the Monkey Knuckle


5. Bring it on!



8. Excellent weather for some training!

9. Ninja level 12/10


11. First rule of fight club...

12. ... never talk about fight club

13. Have cats also learned to use the force?



16. They have the element of surprise!



19. Wax on. Wax off.

20. Watch and learn grasshopper...



23. Concentration is key!

24. I never thought I'd see a cat fly...

25. They're the masters of camoflauge



28. Group work is essential

29. They begin training young

30. Tiny, furry, adorable assassins.

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