Stray Cat Rescues Herself When She Sneaks Inside A Home To Birth Her Kittens

Queens, New York is no stranger to a stray cat population. In fact, the streets of New York City is rumoured to be "home" to tens of thousands of the country's stray and feral cat population. While many of the feral cats in New York live in colonies and do a fine job of surviving and thriving, not all of them want the alley-cat lifestyle. In fact, just this winter a cat in Brooklyn chose his forever home with Nathaniel Styer after a brief stint living on the streets in a nearby feral cat colony.

A couple months ago, a cat in Queens also took her fate into her own paws when she saw a moment of opportunity in an open door and went for it. A woman living in Queens watched a tabby cat outside her home quickly dart inside, rushing to the basement to make herself warm and cozy. With the weather bone chilling outside, she couldn't in good conscience remove the cat from the safety and warmth of her basement, so she resolved to let the cat stay the night.

Two weeks after the surprise encounter, the tabby cat returned, but what happened next changed everything.

She had a litter of kittens! The homeowner found the bundles of joy in her shoe rack, nonetheless. The cat had wisely chose a safe, warm home to have her kittens in.

Unsure what else to do, the homeowner reached out to a local cat rescue organization called The Crazy Cat Family who sent Sara Zoe to come help.

As a volunteer for the rescue, Sara took the mama cat and the kittens to her home to foster them. She named the mama Magnolia (aka Maggie,) and delighted as they settled into their new space. However, it wasn't long before Sara realized that Maggie might need more than the typical new mom.

In an interview with Love Meow, Sara said:

She got a bad infection with a fever of 105 degrees (40.6°C). Her health started declining and had to be hospitalized for almost a week.

Removed from their mama and her milk, the kittens struggled to feed from the bottles of specially designed kitten formula Sara provided. They needed to be fed around the clock so Sara tube fed them at first! That's dedication.

Like many mothers separated from their newborns across the mammal species, being severely sick and separated from her babies in a hospital for a week had lingering consequences, but Sara was up to the challenge:

Mama luckily made a full recovery but because she wasn't making as much milk after being away from the kittens for so long, I had to keep bottle feeding. She and I made a great team. The babies gained weight and were getting proper nutrition.

Mama Maggie may have been a stray cat but she was clearly meant for the good life. She loves her foster family. She is quite the chatterbox and is definitely not shy about asking for affection and treats:

Mama Magnolia is a fiercely loving mama who adores her saplings as we've begun to call them. She is chatty and purrs very loudly, especially when she gets talked to and petted!

And progress has been phenomenal:

Her favorite thing to do is cuddle right next to us as we watch TV. Two of her kittens (Ash and Juniper) got adopted today. And there are applications in for everyone else too! Mama is expected to go to her new home in May.

Whoever gets to take this sweet kitty into their home is sure lucky!

Check out this awesome video that catalogues their rescue and rehabilitation! It's so heart-warming.

Mama Magnolia took a chance, taking her and her kittens' lives into her own paws to seek a safe birth and the rewwards couldn't be more obvious for everyone whose lives these fluffy felines have touched.

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