Norwegian Forest Cat Is Allowed To Roam Freely By His Owners, And He Looks Majestic AF

In March of 2018, Camilla found an 8-week-old kitten online and fell desperately in love. The tiny kitten was a Norwegian Forest Cat, and he was looking for his forever home.

Camilla, from Norway herself, was completely captivated by the photo of the little cat. He was tilting his head and looking entirely adorable with the most innocent and stunning eyes she had ever seen.

“I was completely sold,” Camilla said. “A few moments later, there was no question about it, me and my boyfriend, Sondre were going to become cat owners. In May, we brought home the sweetest little ball of fur. He made us so happy.”

Camilla and Sondre named the adorable little guy, Pepper, and even created an Instagram account for him to document his adventures!

This is Pepper.

Pepper is incredibly majestic and beautiful.

A year or so later, the couple realized that Pepper was getting a little bored whilst they were away at work, so they decided to get him some company.

“We could see he was bored while we were working on the weekdays. Both of us had always wanted a Bengal, and we hoped it would be a purrfect match. In October 2018, a tiny blue-eyed Bengal girl joined our family. She was 6-months-old and we named her Chili because of her spiciness, the combo with Pepper, and we both enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”


All hail the prettiest cat in all the land!

Eventually, the couple decided to add a third cat to their family. They drove 11 hours across to collect a 14-week-old Maine Coon, and finally their pack was complete.Her name is, Limo.

“Almost daily, we’re asked why our third kitty has a name unlike the two others,” Camilla said. “The fact is, she doesn’t! She is actually named after a hot chili pepper called Lemon Drop, Limo for short.”

Pepper became very protective of his new little sister, showing her the ropes around the house.



“Pepper is the calm and wise one, like an old soul. He’s a little stubborn (like his mom), but he has a heart of gold,” Camilla explained.

“Chili is the spicy one, a typical Bengal; very talkative, active, and smart. At home, she goes by the name FOMO – she really has the fear of missing out, following us around wherever we go. She’s always in the mood for a good play. Oh, and food. She’s always hungry.”

"Limo, on the other hand, is super sweet and curious. She greets us every day by ‘cleaning’ the windows in our hallway. She’s also very talkative, like her sister. She always appreciates a good belly rub and often drowns her toys in the water bottle. She’s also a good climber, both outside, in the woods, and in our house.”

So stunning!


Camilla and Sondre enjoy letting their pack run free in the wild.

“Both we and the cats love to spend time outside, in winter and summer,” Camilla said.

“We started walking them in a harness and with leashes from an early age so that they would be comfortable with exploring new places as grownups.”

The couple live at the end of a quiet street, right near a big forest.

“Most of our photos are actually shot just 10-20 meters (33-66 ft) from our house.”

Last Summer, the couple decided to allow their pets to roam freely outside.

“This is a very common practice in Norway, and the cats have lots of kitty-friends to play with in the neighborhood. Luckily, they spend more time in the forest than exploring the streets.”

The couple take precautions though, by attaching GPS trackers to their precious fur-babies collars.

“The cats love freedom, and we can clearly see how happy they are after our decision.”

Pretty views for pretty cats.



Just chillin'.


Those eyes.

Who's goes there?

The art of seduction.

Moon face.

Ultimate floof.

Ready for battle.

You may approach.




I got snow in my mouth.

Oh hey, sis!

Pretty eyes.

Happy campers.




That tail though.

Are we celebrating something?

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