People Share Photos Of Confused Cats Who Show Up In Homes They Don't Live In

We frequently hear adorable and endearing stories of cats choosing their homes and rescuers like these precious kittens who, after being rescued by a helpful Texas police officer, got to find their forever home with him, too! Other times, cats sneak into homes to give birth to kittens safely, like this mama cat in Queens!

As heartwarming as these stories always are (and they always are,) sometimes the unexpected arrival of a cat (or two or three) is more hilarious than anything else. Seriously, cats are simultaneously independent and crave companionship, so it's no surprise that they seize moments of opportunity and leave us with hilarious stories to tell and share with the rest of the Internet!

"Give me all the pets."

Cats will indiscriminately accept scritches. Especially the all-amazing black cats.

"Did someone say treats?"

Have you wondered how cats get fat? They will take treats from anyone.

Cats know a good cuddle spot when they see one.

Cats also know good people when they see them.

Sometimes, when a stray cat knows she's about to have kittens...

She will find the right home to have her little jelly bean blessings in.

"Were you busy?"

"Too bad, pet me."

Sometimes a cat is content just making himself at home.

Purr-haps, occasionally, a little too content.

"Well, hello there."

"What a lovely home you have here."

"Don't worry, I helped myself."

"4.5/5 stars."

"Have a nice day at work, neighbor?"

Sometimes you can get the benefits of having a cat merely by having a neighbor with a friendly cat!


If you leave a door open, a cat will come.

"Good evening."

"Don't look at me that way."

The cats have arrived.

The gang's all here, party can start right meow.

Five minutes of op-purr-tunity.


He looks annoyed to have been discovered.

Cribs are just so inviting, though, aren't they?

I'm paws-itive this is an improvement.

Every couch looks better with toe bean paw prints.

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