Nyankichi The Cat Is Hands Down The Most Photogenic Cat In The Word

A lot of people think of their pets as extremely photogenic, but in case you were wondering what the most photogenic cat in the world looks like, then you have to check out Nyankichi, the male tabby from Kagoshima, Japan. He's so photogenic that he should become a fulltime supermodel.

He poses in front of various splendid backgrounds and he just blends in so perfectly in them, his appearance and the way he maintains his posture and facial expressions is just perfect. Unlike most cats, he doesn't seem to be bothered by the camera at all, so he just acts naturally and blows everyone away by just being himself.

1. *Explosion in the background =*

2. The best blep I've ever seen

3. Just checking out the ocean

4. So A E S T H E T I C

5. Yo, I'll pretend like I'm not looking then take my picture

6. Swimming kitty

7. Such a poser

8. Life is an adventure

9. Someone's thirsty

10. Time for some rest

11. Such a little model

12. I bet he thinks he's a lion

13. Dangerous

14. Hop hop hop little kitty

15. He doesn't seem to be enjoying this boat ride

16. Last but not least

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