Cats Who Are Totally Oblivious To How Funny And Cute They Are

Cats know they rule the universe, the world, and most especially: your household. Did you know? Your home actually belongs to the cats. But us humans? We do not really mind all that much! We enjoy their company and we delight in their purrsonalities. Over time you could even argue we have turned a blind eye to the dynamics of the cat overlord, human servant relationship. Again, we don't mind, because why would we?

For all their situational awareness, there's one thing they sometimes are totally unaware of: both how funny (or ridiculous) they can be and how incredibly precious they can be. But if there is anything we are exceptionally good at, it's capturing those moments on camera and sharing them with the world.

1. He's thinking about pooping in your shoes later.

2. Snowball's massive yawn:

3. Sink Cat!!

4. How dare you leave me, slave?

5. Not in the Christmas spirit.

6. Paws up!

7. It's actually hard not to delight in an angry cat.

8. Disgraceful.

9. The best combination.

10. So. Many. Beans!!


12. Excuse me while I die from cuteness overdose.

13. Teefies are always cute AND funny.

14. She has a LOT of sass.

15. Peep the toe beans. Glorious toe beans.

16. A great spot, but the view looking up is even better.

17. Nomz or not nomz? It matters not.

18. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

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