10+ Signs You're An Official Crazy Cat Person

Are you cat crazed? Obsessed with your furry, feline friend? Officially a "cat mom" (or dad?) We all think we love our cats with unconditional devotion and we all assume we are obsessed to the point of being the neighborhood "crazy cat lady," but the truth is, a lot of us are just normal people who care about our pet cat, or cats even!

Some people are a little more than extra though, they officially get the titles that come with being a little too obsessed with pussycats. I'm sure by now you're a little agitated that I would even suggest you don't fall in the "Officially A Crazy Cat Lady" category but hear me out, there is a definitive list that will let you know once and for all if you are a normal cat lover or a feline-freak!

How many of these signs apply to you?

1. Can't keep m y mind off of you, cat.

Do you think about your cat all the time, literally? At work? School? Date night? Girls night out? While you poop? While he is sleeping five feet from you? This is the first sign you are obsessed.

2. Shop-a-holic!

Does "treat-yo-self" day turn into "treat-yo-cat" day? If you spend more money on your precious pussycat than you do on yourself on a consistent basis then you might be cat-obsessed.

3. Love at first cat sight.

Be honest with us, is your ultimate boyfriend/girlfriend material test a matter of whether or not your cat likes this potential humanoid companion? If passing the "does my cat like you" test is more important than "does my mom like you" or "do my friends like you" or even "how much do I really like you" tests then you might be obsessed with your cat.

4. Cats vs Dogs

A possible sign that you are cat-crazed is how you feel and how you react when a dog person tries to relate to you and your cat's relationship by talking about them and their dog.

Does it annoy and anger you that some filthy heathen dog lover would dare to compare their gross, slobbery relationship to the special bond you have with your precious, purring, puss? You might be a crazy cat person. 

5. Nothing else to do.

Sure, who wouldn't want to stay home all day cuddling our cats? But cuddling cats doesn't pay the bills (well, sometimes it does, like for this lucky sucker,) so most of us leave and go to work, fill the gas tank, and buy groceries.

Whatever, "normal" stuff people do, right? But when you're super obsessed with your cat you find yourself rushing home to your cat after every necessary activity away from the cat.


Okay, most people who really love their pets are proud to be "fur parents" of their "fur babies," that's not entirely abnormal. But you and I know all too well that some people take the whole scenario way too seriously.

If your cat is your baby, how far do you take it? Do you throw your cat a birthday party? Do you get your cat Christmas presents with a full stocking and the works? Have you ever baked your cat a homemade cupcake with cat-friendly ingredients? Do you introduce him as your son? You're crazy. 

7. Cats are better than friends?

Yeah, you know who you are. You've canceled plans with humans to stay in with your cat. It's not because you're an introvert and it's not because you're anti-social, it's because you don't want your cat to be lonely.

8. Comfortable or Content?

A pretty clear sign you are obsessed with your cat is that when they're comfortable napping or snuggling on you, you wouldn't dare move because their comfort is a top priority in your life. 

9. Social Media Frenzy!

People these days are great at over-sharing on social media but you have your own thing going on, don't you? Your social media is flooded with pictures and videos of your cat. Most of your statuses are about your cat.

And if you've ever hosted a birthday party for your cat, created an event on Facebook, and invited your friend list to the birthday party... you might be obsessed with cats.

10. Holiday, celebrate? Maybe.

Is your cat at the top of your "most important things in life" list? Perhaps! A good indicator is how you handle travel plans!

Do you center them around your cat? You only want to go on vacation places you can easily take your cat, and let's face it: bringing most cats on a plane is a daunting task most people aren't up to.

So your travel plans are usually within an hour or two of driving and your cat is coming along or you aren't going. I guess you can kiss Cancun goodbye?

11. Let's talk about it!

Most people talk to their pets but you're not like most people, are you? By the time you've made it this far down the list you are either feeling validated by your obsession or maybe you're a little concerned. So ask yourself this: do you talk to your cat or do you have conversations with your cat?

Regular conversations with your cat are definitely a sign that you're not just happy to have a kitty companion, you're obsessed. 

12. Namaste!

Anger is a normal human emotion, but when you're a crazy cat person there's one thing for certain: you never, ever, ever get mad at your cat. They are the very symbol of purity and innocence in your life and getting mad at them would be an unforgivable act of cruelty.

13. Nicknames.

Okay, nick-names themselves are a totally innocent concept but for people like you? You have tons of nicknames. Tons and tons and TONS of nicknames. Here's a few of my cat's nicknames: Fluffer-nutter, fluffy-butt, poofy-poo, moo-moo, plicka-plicka, baby, big boy, peanut... Anyway, you get the point. I'm obsessed with my cat, too.

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