This Company Adopted Office Kittens In Order To Boost Morale

Back when we were in school, many of us had classroom pets. From silk worms and stick insects to hamsters and rabbits; kids are taught responsibility and animal care in a fun learning environment. Whereas my grade six class, for example, learnt about death after our frogs sadly died over the weekend. But should this practise extend to the workplace?

Clinical psychotherapist and stress expert, Terri Bodell, believes that pets in the workplace help employees to relax; which reduces stress levels (including lowering the heart rate and blood pressure). This results in lower absenteeism and higher morale! One company decided to get office cats and their idea went viral after a cute video was posted on Reddit.

These two adorable cats were hired to boost morale in an Ohio finance/IT department.

An employee posted this video to Reddit.

Captioned, "Office kittens, Debit and Credit, were working hard today!" the video soon went viral; with people loving the office's latest employees.

Just look at their cute little faces!

In the Reddit post, the employee noted how hard it was to work and not cuddle with them all day!

The cats stay in the office overnight, but they are visited on weekends for cuddles!

Note to all bosses: get cats for your workplace!!

The cats got these adorable collars.

There are psychological benefits to having animals around--the fact that they help reduce stress is a definite bonus!

Though they probably increase a person's willingness to nap!

Here is Credit browsing the website that made them famous!

Here they are bird watching

Finding ways to misuse office supplies!

Encouraging their fellow employees to recycle!

What do you think? Would having office cats improve your workplace?

Follow their adventures on Instagram @ourofficekittens.

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