12 Things Only Cat Owners Understand


One does not simply own a cat. We adopt cats, we love them with our whole heart. Having a cat grace your life is not like having any other sort of pet. Cat owners are unique with how we provide for and interact with our furry feline friends. 

In the spirit of helping you know that you're not weird in the eyes of all other cat owners, we've compiled a list of things that only cat owners do. Rest easy tonight because by the time you reach the end you'll know that you're apart of a bigger picture. You belong in the cat universe.

1. Feed them like kings.

Birthday cakes and fancy dinners, they even make wine you can share with your cats now.

2. We hold their paws.

Toe beans are irresistible.

3. Meow back and forth

Why else would she meow at me if she didn't expect me to meow back?

4. We give them funny nicknames.

They look at us like we are crazy.

5. Take pictures of every single thing that they do.

Especially if it involves a funny face.

6. Show them their reflection in the mirror.

"Look how handsome you are, yes you are!"

8. Get offended when they sit in someone else's lap.

Uh, you're my cat, you traitor.

9. Letting them in the bathroom with you.

They'll just scratch at the door or stuff their paws underneath it if you don't let them in to sit at your feet or in your lap.

10. Say hello and goodbye...

As they dart in and out of your room, of course.

11. You tell yourself that bites are love bites.

We are either delusional or correct so....

12. Tell them, "bless you!" when they sneeze.

It's common courtesy, ok?

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October 02, 2018

I do every single one of those!!😹😻


October 02, 2018

Every one of these is true. I know because I do them and so do a lot of my friends. Because they aren’t just pets – THEY ARE FAMILY

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