Watch As Two Homeless Kittens Become Best Friends In Front Of Your Eyes

These two little adorable kittens had a very bad start to life. After they were both separately abandoned without their mothers or other litter mates, things were not looking good for either cat. Against all odds they were both found, and taken to a shelter for abandoned cats with Hannah Shaw The Kitten Lady who is an expert in this exact situation.

Hannah loved and cared for the two, and after 2 weeks in quarantine at different ends of the house to ensure neither had any deadly illnesses, they could finally meet. And, well, it was probably the best thing you will see this week.

Check out the adorable play date below.

At first the kittens spent a little while checking each other out from across the room.

But once they got over their fear, they dove straight into playing and play fighting just like they are hardwired to do.

Already they were completely inseparable, running around like first graders on their first day of school.

They had a well earned snack.

And tucked up for a nap after a big day.

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