Orphaned Kitten And Rescued Puppy Thrive Off Each Others Love

A tiny calico kitten was found lost, outdoors without a mother. The poor little lady was not doing so well because she was so young she couldn't live without someone to care for her. Luckily for her, a nice person took her in, protected her, and found her a furry friend.



The kitten, named Brocolli, was just a few days old the day she was found and taken to Hope for Paws, an animal rescue group located in Beverly Hills, California.

At the same time that little Brocolli was looking for a home, so was a tiny English Bulldog puppy, named Barnabus Rex. He was brought to Road Dogs and Rescue needing special care and attention due to having a cleft pallet. 

"He was surrendered to my rescue the day he was born due to a cleft palate. He can't nurse and needs to be tube fed," Nikki, the founder of Road Dogs and Rescue, said in an interview. Luckily for these two tiny babies Laura Labelle, of the Labelle Foundation heard of their plights for help, and couldn't say no to helping them both.



"Barnabus Rex and Broccoli just came to me on the same day. I know newborns need as much stimulation as possible to stay in their bodies and thrive," Laura said.

Laura fosters mostly orphaned or special-needs pups but when she heard about Brocolli's dire situation she took her in without hesitation and brought the lucky kitten back from the edge of death. 



The rescued babies both needed a friend to survive and thrive so they were introduced to each other. 

"I put them together and they instantly found each other. They snuggle and chew/suck on each other all day long. Species means nothing to them, it's comfort and love," Laura said.



"Cleft palate babies are tough and every day is a gift," Laura continued. She keeps both of the babies fed and happy with regular feedings every few hours. Barnabus Rex is tube fed, while Brocolli is bottle fed.



"They love each other. Broccoli is two weeks old and Barnabus Rex is 10 days old. They do not judge each other, they just seek each other's love and comfort," Laura added.

The two are thriving! They'll have a forever friend in each other now, just like a normal baby would with their litter of brothers and sisters.



"I'm excited to see what happens in another week when they start playing," Laura said. And she's totally right! What could be better than a baby puppy and a baby kitten learning to play and practicing life skills together? Nothing, correct.



To get more updates on this furry family check out The Labelle Foundation.

And if you'd like to know how you can help out the foundations that helped them go to Hope for Paws and Road Dogs and Rescue to see how you can help.

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