An Ottawa Brewery Hires Feral Cats To Get Rid Of Their Mouse Problem

The Ottawa Human Society (OHS) recently had an Ottawa Brewery participate in their "working cat" program. This system pairs wild cats who aren't a match for people looking or a domestic cat and places them in businesses to manage mice population. Due to the cold weather, more mice were starting to breed and were breaking through their grain supply.

Luckily, they got their first mouser! She's a black and white feral cat who found a home in the brewery. The working cat system is beneficial for both cats and humans, seeing as humans can get rid of their mice and the cats, who could've been euthanized, get a warm shelter and a welcoming family.

She's gorgeous, and hopefully a wonderful mouser. She's a bit shy though.

It's always so sweet to see a cat get a nice home. <3

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