Someone Should Give These Overly Dramatic Cats An Oscar Right Meow

Cats are genuinely wonderful companions and all around great creatures. They are lovable, playful, and loyal friends. They are mischievous and smart and they're not ashamed to have full on derp moments. If there's any guarantee for someone who brings cats into their homes and hearts it is that every day is a unique adventure. There will be no shortage of love or humor.

One of the things we cannot help but love about cats is their unique ability to be incredibly expressive. Trust me, as fun as dogs are, they have absolutely nothing on a cat's ability to express emotion. A cat can look annoyed, angry, or flat out furious with murder and vengeance in his eyes. A cat can look happy, peaceful, and completely in love. A cat can also look completely shocked, appalled, or entirely startled. Trust me, as you look at how insanely expressive these cats are, you will also be wondering why there isn't an A-cat-emy Awards.

"Just leave me here to die."

All of this because her food bowl wasn't full enough.

Two totally different purr-sonalities here.

Tip: Look in the driver's glasses.

Absolutely Disgusted

I guess you could say that kitty does not approve of man's best friend.

The moment aliens made contact.

Opening a portal to the universe is as easy as placing a flower on your cat's head.

At first he was afraid, then he was petrified.

I don't even need to know what this cat is scared of to know he deserves an a-cat-emy award for best actor.


This comes in purr-fect timing to commemorate the tragic death of Mufasa being reinvisioned in the live action adaptation of Disney's The Lion King! This purring puss could have played Mufasa at this point.

And the award for most dramatic before and after the vet performance goes to: Porkchop.

Where there was once so much trust and curiosity, there is no only anger and plots of revenge.

Pleeeeeaaaaaase don't leave me.

I can change, baby, I can change!!

Tantrum Central

There are lots of reasons your cat may throw a tantrum but at least half of them have something to do with the dog.

The betrayal cuts deep.

Have you ever seen a cat look so betrayed by it's own paw? I haven't.

The First Snow

As far as reactions to snow are concerned, it cannot possibly get much more dramatic than this. This is definitely an Oscar-worthy purr-formance.

When you forget to tell the cat you're having a baby...

"What. Is. This?"

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