Paralyzed Kitten Recovers From His Injuries After Zooming Around On Tiny Wheelchair

People and animals have a special bond in a way where one's constantly trying to help the other. In 2016, an adorable kitten named "Mac 'n' Cheez" (who was named that due to his being found in a discarded mac 'n' cheese box in the streets of New York) went viral in a video where he zoomed around on a miniature wheelchair which helped support his paralyzed back legs.

Since then, Mac has strengthened his front legs enough to the point where he can get around on his own using only his tow front legs. Impressive, right? I present to you: photos of one of the strongest, resilient kitties in the world.

He's gorgeous 😭

He's so tiny, I could cry.

Here he is with a harness for support!

You go, little kitten.


Look at him go!

I'm guessing this was part of some sort of training.

I can't help being worried for his back legs though.

Wow, the front arm strength is real.

The way he sits is adorable.

My heart can't handle this <3

He's all grown up now!

I'm loving that shirt.

Oh, that hat is wonderful, too.

Noo.. don't ship him off!

We should take a moment to thank everyone who's willing to take on the challenge of caring for animals like Mac.

It is!

A brave kitty for sure.


I like to think there is :)


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