Pawsitively Adorable Cat Themed Items Every Cat Fanatic Needs

The holidays have passed (for the most part,) and I'm sure none of us got everything we wanted. After all, my home is not yet head to toe in cat decor. YET, being the qualifier there. I went on the hunt for all the coolest cat-themed must-haves and made a definitive list of pawsitively adorable cat items that all of us cat fanatics, crazy cat ladies, and cat dads need.

You'll never regret doing nice things for yourself or your fellow cat-fiend-friends and if you're feeling even a tinge of disappointment as the holidays come to a close, why not perk yourself up and grab a cat gift today? Why not, indeed.

Cute Cat Mug with Novelty Paw Spoon

It's cute and it's suitable for both your favorite hot and cold beverages while you cuddle your cats. These days, it's totally a perk that it's both dishwasher and microwave safe!

It's available here on Amazon.

"Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby"

Quality reading material for the classic cat connoisseur. Available here on Amazon.

Opal Stud Cat Earrings

For the classy cat person. Available on Amazon, here.

Cat-Print Fleece Throw

There is plenty of room to snuggle with your cats, covered in cats, with this 50"x60" fleece throw. It's the purr-fect way to add more cats to your cuddle puddle without making your current cats jealous. It's available here on Amazon.

Willowtree Kindness Figurine

Hand-painted Willow Tree sculptures "express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… emotions of a life well lived."

Truly, life with cats is a life well lived. Grab one here.

Cat Print Large Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket

You can store toys for your cats, yourself, or your kids and either way, everyone is happy because cats. Available here!

Artistic Cat Print Tee

This awesome abstract cat tee is sure to turn heads. With its colorful geometric pattern, you will not only be showing off your love for cats but will also mesmerize everyone in your path. As an added bonus, every purchase of this t-shirt feeds 5 shelter cats!

Chubby Kitty Magnets

Everybody loves a chonk! So, why not adorn your refrigerator with 6 adorable chubby kitty magnets? Available here on Amazon!

Leotruny Women's Colorful Cute Cat Crew Socks with Gift Box

Check out this promising review:

This is the kind of sock you wear for fun...especially as a cat lover. They are as depicted in the ad photos. They are thin, but the weave is tight so they are good for warmth as well. The colors are vivid, and they are not too tight around the ankle (my pet peeve in socks). A good buy!

Available Here.

Cute Cat Sticky Notes

Keeping track of pages in books has literally never been more adorable. Grab 360 of these purr-fect cat-shaped sticky notes here on Amazon right meow!

Kitty Pot Planter - Purrfect for Cats

Your cat is going to adore this adorable set. It includes 1 Large Kitty Pot, 1 quart of Pop Up Fiber Soil and organic wheatgrass seed! Available here on Amazon.

"How To Talk To Your Cats About Gun Safety."

Every responsible cat owner should have a copy of this book.

Long gone are the good old days when a cat’s biggest worries were mean dogs or a bath. Modern cats must confront satanists, online predators, the possibility of needing to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and countless other threats to their nine lives.

Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder & Sculpture

A clever way to pay tribute to the notorious curiosity of the kitten, this whimsical wine bottle holder is sure to be the center of attention at your next party or get-together!

Available Here!

Purrfectly Printed Decorative Hand Towels

Conversation starters and source of delight, these oversized hand towels are the purrfect addition to any cat-centered home. Available here on Amazon!


Get rid of the relationship-destroying Monopoly and get your family a copy of Cat-Opoly:

This game has all the excitement of a traditional property trading game with some cat-astrophic twists!

Available Here.

Based on these reviews, the game is fun for all ages (but recommended for 8 and up.)

Cutest Monopoly-based game ever. I played a game with my 82 yr old mom, and we have never laughed so hard nor had such a great time playing a board game.


This past week we spent about ten hours playing two different games. We broke up the sessions and went swimming etc., then would be excited to come back to the game. It was me and two ten-year old twin boys. It keeps them off computer and us engaging, laughing and outwitting each other. I got to see how they think, how they plan, take risks, strategize, and make deals. It's a fascinating game that you will play for years and years.

Cat Print Oven Mitts - 2 Pack

Easy to care for, comfortable and soft to wear, and the best part? The adorable cat print, of course! Grab your two pack here on Amazon.

4 Pack of Amusing, Stemless Wine Glasses for Cat Lovers

Throw a proper party of pick a different glass each night. Either way, these stemless wine glasses are sure to amuse you while you sip and snuggle your kitties. Grab them here.

Cat Print Cozy

If you don't drink wine, then you're probably sick and tired of seeing wine glasses. So, how about a cat-print cozy for your bottles and cans? It's the purr-fect fit and you can get yours here for less than $10!

Pussycat Pint Glass

Or even cooler, this etched glass pint glass is purr-fect for your beer. Grab it here right meow!

Cat-Print Tennis Shoes

You know you've been dying to proclaim your cat-obsession by adorning your feet in cat-print shoes so why wait any longer to do so? The purr-fect pair can be found right here on Amazon.

Senior Cat Love Mug

Can the old but gold cats get some more love in our lives? Heck yes they can. Celebrate the precious senior cats in your life with this adorable mug, found here.

Willow Tree "Love My Cat" Figurine

There is just something purr-fect about how artist Susan Lordi captured the purr-sonality of cats in her adorable figurine.

Get Yours Here.

Stainless Steel Thermos

If the seriously adorable cat ears don't sell you, keep in mind this thermos is stainless steal, leak-proof, and is both lightweight and the purr-fect size for standard cup holders and even Bento boxes! It comes in multiple color options as well, so there is one for everyone.

Available here on Amazon.

It's the purrfect time to #treatyoself, but don't forget to share these pawesome ideas with all of your cat-loving friends!

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