Kitty-Cats Who Are Pawsitively Purrfect In Every Way

Fortunately, there's no denying that cats are very peculiar, little critters. They may frequently be small, but these felines are consistently frisky and bursting with personality. Additionally, when you keep cats in your life, you notice pretty quickly that for all of the utterly humorous things they all seem to do, each one is also uniquely quirky in their own way.

It is both the consistency and the unique quirks that usually leads all of us to fall head over heels in love with cats. There is no regret involved, though. We are unapologetic about our devotion to our cat overlords.

1. His majesty has a lazy side.

2. Stunning. Really, truly glorious.

3. She seems quite proud of himself, doesn't she?

4. This is their engagement photo, congratulations!

5. He's a creeper, watching the neighbors like this.

6. Scooooooooore!

7. The derp is strong with this one.

8. Charging, charging... charged!

Old but gold.

9. Cats also have different stages of panic.

10. Definitely feeling mighty guilty.

Not, lol.

11. As the cat grows, so too does the derp.

12. Well, the way she sits is itself a conversation starter.

13. When you come home late, you get the glare.

14. You iz mine meow

15. The hunt is on

This moth doesn't stand a chance

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