This Creepy Feline Is Scarily Similar Looking To Pennywise The Clown From IT

The new remake of Stephen King's movie IT has been creating havoc over the internet for the past couple of months as audiences thrive off of the way that Bill Slarsgård portrays the character of Pennywise the clown. So many more things have branched off of the movie, with fans creating makeup looks inspired by him and planning brilliant IT costumes for Halloween.

The internet has managed to take it one step further and even found the most adorable Pennywise look-alike ever. One feline has become a sensation because of her scary resemblance to our favorite clown.  Actually, to be honest, we are slightly frightened.

Have a look at the cat that is creating chaos for IT fans.

This adorable creatures name is Maria. She is a happy kitty who loves cuddles and apparently also likes to lure children into sewers.

Some people are going insane because of chaos that the look-alike kitty has started.

That's not where it ends...

Maria has her very own page for fans called "Steve Buscemi Cat."

Simply purrfect.

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