Harsh New Cat Control Laws Surface In Australia And Will Cause a Lot Of Change For Residents

In order to control the local cat population, the city of Mandurah is supposed to vote on strict new laws that will help solve the issue.

Considering the harm felines are causing to the native wildlife, the WA government is taking into consideration somewhat of a "cat curfew".

About 3600 cats are registered with Mandurah's council, although it is believed that the actual number of cats in the area is approximately 14,000.

"Because of our biodiversity and the importance of our environment, we have to take a leading role in these areas," Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams said.
"Our place is built around our environment, and we need to make sure we're protecting that for the future."

'Because of our biodiversity and the importance of our environment, we have to take a leading role.'

If the law manages to pass it would mean that:

• Owning more than two cats will be illegal without the city's permission.

• If owners are unable to control "nuisance cats", they will face a fine.

• Cats entering prohibited areas such as nature reserves will be considered an offence.

• Depending on the infringement, fines will be ranging from $200 to $5000.

"We've worked with our cat lovers, with our local environment groups, people from all across the board coming together and focusing on how we can address these issues in a reasonable and practical way," Williams said.

Although, a plan introducing more baits, fencing, and traps will definitely anger the local cat-lovers community.

The cat crackdown will not only concern the City of Mandurah, but the state government is also considering a WA-wide sunset-to-sunrise cat curfew that will help stop pet cats from killing local wildlife.

Evidently, some locals are against the idea, although others think that a curfew makes perfect sense.

"Being out and about is quite dangerous for them so I do think it is a good idea," one local told 7NEWS.

In addition to encouraging cat owners to ensure that they are ticking all the right boxes when it comes to pet ownership.

"Sterilise your cats, register your cats, make sure they've got their micro-chips," Williams said.

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