These Are The 5 Most Important Reasons Why You Should Pet Your Cat More Often

If you are a cat lover there is a 99.9% chance that you absolutely love petting your kitty. I mean what's not to love? They are always so soft and squishy that you just can't help yourself! Oh, and when they start purring it makes you feel that you did something right, it's a great feeling.

There are even people out there that will skip work just so that they can stay at home with their cat and pet them the whole day long. But you have to be careful because they don't like to be scratched everywhere.

The safest places to stick to would be their cheeks, behind their ears and their chin. If you stick to the places you will almost most definitely not get scratched in the face! Another great thing is that although it benefits your cat it also has benefits for us humans.

So, stick with us and have a look at the five biggest reasons why you should pet your cat more. 

Communicate through love

When you pet and scratch your cat you communicate to them that you love and adore them. This, in turn, makes them feel loved and they are more prone then to start purring and nudging your hand for more petting.

Reduced stress

It is said and actually researched that when humans pet cats their stress and anxiety lower and even their blood pressure lowers. Isn't that awesome! No wonder they are so great at therapy.

Detect ticks and fleas quicker and easier

Because you pet your cat a lot you get accustomed to what their fur looks and feels like. This, in turn, helps you recognise when there are creepy crawlies running around on them.

Detect new scratches and bumps

Another great thing about petting your cat often is that you get to feel and see when they have unusual bumps and bruises. This will help you get them the treatment they need before it becomes worse.

Recognise when there is tenderness

Because cats are masters when it comes to hiding pain it's difficult to know if they have a tender spot. So, while you pet your cat make sure to massage on spots like their legs to see if they don't have any pain. This will help you know they are in pain and should be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

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