16 Times Our Pets Were Hilariously Caught In The Act

Let's talk facts: pets are full of mischief. We've all come home to find our pet had gotten into something they shouldn't have. Usually, that means the trash but quite frankly these frisky felines and pesky pups know how to cause a ruckus while we're away.

However, if you've brought a furry friend into your heart and home then you know as well as I do that they don't always wait for you to exit the premises to get into trouble. So what happens when your beloved best friend of the multi-legged variety is caught in the act by you? Hopefully, you've recorded it like these fine people have because we all deserve the laughter that is sure to erupt at every single one of these 16 pets. 

1. When mischief is worth it.

So totally worth it.

2. Proud pupper is proud.

This little thief is adorable.

3. Oh... hi.

Busted stealin' the sweet stuff!

4. "Oh.. hi mom."

"i can totally explain."

5. His face says it all:

"I regret nothing. Nothing."

6. Erm...

"it wasn't me?"

7. Insert Diabolical laughter Here.

He wants all the hotdogs for himself.

8. Is your cat mad at you?

This owner kept finding thumbtacks in his shoes and he finally found the culprit. Time to keep the office door closed!

9. Caught!

Coffee for Mom, cookie for kitty?

10. Zero hecks given.

Pupper hopes this misfortune has already been forgotten.

11. Traveling Thief

This cat traveled over 3 blocks to steal a newspaper on a daily basis from someone else in the neighborhood.

12. Why thank you, human.

Who knew stealing fish from a toddler would be easier than stealing candy from a baby?

13. Now this face says something loud and clear:

"Okay human, you've had your laugh. You caught me. Now help me get out!"

14. One eye open...

He's pretending to sleep so mom won't suspect he's stealing her coffee.

15. Evidence.

It's still on his face! Ha!

16. When mom scolds you...

Look to dad for help, duh.

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