This Photographer Took Pictures Of Two Stray Cats And It Looks An Engagement Photoshoot

Orin is a photographer from California. He loves to explore the world and photograph the beautiful things he sees; including cats! Orin has always wanted his own cat, but as he travels so much he thinks it would be unfair; which is why he loves finding them in unexpected places.

He spent two weeks in Turkey and was delighted by how many stray cats they were. Even better; they were friendly! Orin thinks it is a reflection on how kindhearted the Turkish people are as they regularly feed stray cats. These pictures have definitely placed Istanbul high on my travel bucket list! Scroll on for some CUTE cat pictures.

These cats were sitting alongside the Bosphorus Canal. And they were CUDDLING

They look like engagement photos or something...

And I want front row seats to the wedding!

They're so cute!

"Mr and Mrs Whiskers would like to announce that they are expecting!"

Cats are everywhere in Istanbul; including in cafes!

Hygiene standards where? This is too precious to care!

Here the photographer is with some kitty friends!

Here's Orin modelling the latest in fashion accessories!

This guy was happy for a pat

Follow Orin's adventures on Instagram @pacificreverie and view more of his work on his website here.

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