This Guy Photoshops Giant Cats And Creates Some Incredible Cat-zilla Scenes

Photoshop is a marvellous thing (when not used to alter human bodies, that is). The ability to manipulate and edit images to satisfy our every whim is super cool and one of the best aspects of technology. Artist Fransdita Muafidin had a genius idea: increasing the size of cats and superimposing them over famous landmarks.

Cats have been the subject of many art projects over the years and the internet has only increased their celebrity. A picture of a famous street? Yeah, cool, there’s a million posted a day on Instagram. But a picture of a famous street with a giant cat acting like Godzilla? Truly the best account you can follow (@fransditaa)!


Nearest thing I saw to a cat in Paris was a giant rat.

Just waitin' for a mate

Looking for their next victim

This cat miscalculated a little

Catzilla wants to play!

Ever yawned so hard you swallowed a building?

Oh, just hanging out

Big cats also like to get in the way

Catzilla VS helicopter

About to have a snack

It's tiring being SO BIG

Even giant cats like to play peekaboo

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