Pickley the Cat And His Stunning Green Eyes Are Taking Over Instagram

One of the most stunning pair of green eyes that Instagram has to offer are adorned on the adorable Pickley.

The Russian Blue, who will be 3 in April, gained some notoriety on ESPN showing off his stellar athletic skills, jumping for a toy in slow-motion. It was a sight to behold!

But before his introduction to the world via ESPN, he had his Instagram account and his eyes will keep you coming back for more.

We reached out to Pickley's humans to learn more about the pawsitively purrfect cat and now we are beyond delighted to share his story and photos with you today.

You'll find yourself wanting to see more and more of this sweet cat once you get a glimpse at his purrfection.

Hello Pickley!

Check out that tongue

We asked Pickley's humans how their journey as a family began, and like some of the best beginnings with cats, they met at an animal shelter.

They said:

While all the other cats were playing, he wouldn’t stop staring at us through the glass.

They added:

It felt like he chose us.

Naturally, we wanted to hear more about Pickley's purrsonality! So we asked about his naughty side.

He loves knocking lamps and really anything onto the ground.
He once killed a butterfly, but he definitely felt bad about it.

"Pickley vs Alligator... who wins? (Alligator is not real.)"a

Pickley is very playful, we asked about his favorite toy:

His orange ball. He loves to play fetch, but it has to be the orange ball or he won’t.

"Bet you can't guess his favorite color."

"The purr-fect camouflage."

What else is Pickley like?

He tries to be independent, but he’s the most needy cat in the world.

"Body of a house cat, heart of a panther."

From their home in Texas, they also rightfully boasted about how smart sweet Pickley is:

He is more intelligent than your average human.

And Pickley is no stranger to the great, big world, clearly:

He loves the outdoors, and playing in the laundry basket.

And a surprise fun fact?

He actually enjoys car rides!

Check him out in action!

Pickley's sweet face and delightful purrsonality is exactly why we love the Internet!

If you love Pickley as much as we do, don't forget to check him out on Instagram, give him a follow and share our featured article with your cat loving friends!

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