Hilarious Photos Of Pixelated Cats IRL That People Caught on Camera

I'm willing to bet that there are a lot of things in life we don't know that we "need," until they're sitting right in front of us telling us, "trust me, you needed me." Today is one of those days because up until this moment you probably did not realize that you needed to see a collection of photos featuring real-life cats who appeared purr-fectly pixelated. Alas, you did need it and even better, you're going to love it.

Cats are always a welcome sight for sore eyes and otherwise, but these pixelated cats in real life are delightfully humorous and just what we needed today.

1. A Trio

Kicking you off with 3x the delight.

2. Side View

Because a pixelated catto must be seen from all angles to be appreciated.

3. "Hello Clarice," is what I picture this creepy cat saying.

4. Dual Catto

Dual Cute-o.

5. Big Eyed Surprise

This is some funny stuff, yo.

6. Pixelated Mlem

A new sort of mlem.

7. Hello, sir.

"Catnip police, open up."

8. Shocked!

The meow heard in pixels.

9. Him Angry

Mad Cat.

10. Oh no.

A little bit wonky but still lovable.

11. This is just... art.

The Van Gogh of Pixelated Cats

12. She sees you.

She sees all.

13. Two Views


14. All-Seeing Eye.


15. Polite as heck.

16. What a weenie!

17. Very concerned.

18. Yes, he is judging you.

19. Oh no!

20. Angrily condemning you for your choices.

21. Curious Pixel Cat!

22. Well, well, well.

23. An entire story of purr-sonality.

24. The transformation has begun.

25. Can you hear the meow?

What do you think of these photos? Let us know and share your own pixelated cat photos in the comments right meow!

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