Hilarious Photos That Highlight The Love Between Cats And Pizza Boxes

For all their uniqueness, cats have a few universal languages. One of them is the desire to be cozy and warm. Truly, what could be warmer or cozier than a hot pizza box? It smells good, delicious even, and it's very warm. It's also a particularly delightful, purr-fect if I may say, shape for a cat to plop down on.

It sounds kind of funny though, right? Pizza boxes? As cat beds? Ludicrous.

And yet cats would disagree significantly with us protesting, because they consistently find their way to those delectable, desirable box-beds. Much to our dismay, they snuggle up and purr away. We're not sure whether we should scowl or say, "d'awh..."

What strange things do your cats sleep on? Maybe they just need the purrfect bed...

1. Same.

2. "I've got you covered, I know pizza boxes are supposed to be warm."

3. Precious as heck.

4. BFF's now, for-ever-ever.

5. Socks and pizza? Purr-fect.

6. "Don't you dare talk to me or my trash ever again."


8. She is one with the box.

Not just any box. This is... her box.

9. "Pizza, I love you."

10. Weekly gift exchange.

11. I, too, am incredibly envious of this comfort level.

12. He's ready.

13. Pizza, I missed you.

14. He's daring you to interfere.

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