Woman Sets Up A Photo Shoot For Her 17 Pets And She Pulls It Off Against All Odds.

Taking care of two or more pets can be a real effort. Let's not kid ourselves - sometimes managing even one pet can be an effort. But a woman named Kathy Smith, 30, Is keeping 17 pets. And not only is she looking after them, but she also trained them to stand still for a group paw-trait. All 17 of them, eight dogs and nine cats sit still while she took that photo.

Some of us can't even manage two kids to sit still during a family portrait shoot for Christmas.

But you will probably feel better knowing that this accomplishment didn’t come easy. Kathy spent two weeks in attempts to get that perfect shot. (just like my Christmas family portrait shoot).

The dogs were nice and obedient and they sat calmly for the photo, but the cats were more difficult to convince to stand still.

Kathy with one of her numerous pets

There are many warm-up photos that show the eight calm pooches in place, with Kathy persuading Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm, and Misha to sit still with some snacks.

The cats proved to be less willing to cooperate and that was a process where shop assistant Kathy was going back and forth while keeping the camera on standby, dragging the cats back in place over and over again.

Eventually she was able to capture that exact moment where the 17 pets all sat still. She was lucky because it lasted for just a second. 

The pooches - and one cat - practicing

Kathy, who lives in Corwen, Wales, said: "I was so thrilled when I realized I'd captured this shot - it's like a little family photo. I love all of my pets so much so I was really happy when I managed to get them all posing together - despite it not being easy to do.I kept trying to get photos of the cats and dogs all together but some of them were always out of frame. The dogs will all sit for treats so that was easy enough, but the cats were another matter.”

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