This Cat's Food Is Being Stolen By An Opossum And Its Reaction Is Priceless

They say sharing is caring, but do we really have to share food with other people? I don't know about you, but I hate sharing my food with anyone and if someone even attempted to steal it, well, let's just say they will be very sorry.

Most of us feel like this and that is why we can sympathize with this poor kitty who went to her bowl to have some delicious dinner, but she found some other hairy creature luring over her bowl, eating her food.

Instead of defending her territory she started whining to her owner about why he is letting this happen to her. Almost like it's the end of the world. Have a look at the hilarious photos of the kitty that was shared by her owner.

"And you are?"

"Do you see this imposter, or is it just me?"

"He's eating my food!"

"You really just going to stand there and look at him?"

"I'm sure we can share."

"Or not, I'm sorry weird thing."

"You are a disgrace hooman! I will not forget this."

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