16 Precious Photos That Prove Cats Are Nothing But Fluffy Love

Every cat lover knows that cats enrich our lives. We know how special every head bump, nuzzle, cuddle, and purr is. Truthfully, it's astonishing to us feline fanatics that anyone could NOT love cats, they're just so purr-fect as far as we can tell! Yet they constantly seem to doubt our sincerity when we say, "cats are the best, they're so loving!"

Well, now we have proof. Definitive proof! These 16 heartwarming photos make it impossible to deny, cats are lovers! Precious, purr-fect lovers!

1. "Take my hand..."

"...and I'll take your heart.

2. Pals

They're getting into mischief together

3. Explorers

Cats will see the world with you!

4. Scenic

There's nothing better about the view than the cat enjoying it with you.

5. Purrfectly Patient

One tolerant cat!

6. Proud Parents

Purring with pride

7. Lifelong friends

Lifelong naps

8. Cheering you on...

Encouragement is having a cat as a fan.

9. The best game of chess is played with friends

Furry friends included

10. Purr-fect companion

Every book lover needs a cat to cuddle with

11. "Everywhere you go..."

"I'll be there for snuggles."

12. Aging gracefully

Friends for LIFE.

13. Friends for life

They're playing the "Purr-ince" and the "Purr-incess." It's Purr-fect.

14. "I'll watch over you."

From day 1 and forever.

15. Kitten will follow you anywhere

Even where there is water

16. Two of a kind

One cat per twin. Purr-fect!

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