You Can Get Paid To Be A Professional Cat Cuddler AKA The Best Job Ever

Cat lovers have job-related fantasies like: "I want a bring my cat to work day," and "if I worked from home I would never have to leave my cats."

Over time, some of our wildest dreams have already come true. For those of us who can't home a cat of our own, we can pay good money to go to a Cat Cafe and cuddle cats to our heart's content. 

The next dream come true has arrived because not only can we pay to cuddle cats but now... we can get paid to cuddle cats. 

Cat Naps to the Extreme

Where do we sign up, right?

Here's the deal. A Dublin-based Veterinarian Clinic, "Just Cats," posted a job listing. They were seeking a "crazy cat person" (I'm waving frantically, okay?) whose only responsibility in this job would be to give copious amounts of cuddles, snuggles, and loves to kitties. Every. Single. Day. 

Me, right meow.

One of the most important qualifications for the job? Feeling "warm and fuzzy" whenever you see a cat, of course. They also prefer people who fancy feeding strays in their spare time. 

In case I haven't made myself clear yet....

Additional personality and capability requirements Just Cats was looking for:

"Gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time, the ability to be "softly spoken," and "capable of cat whispering."

Just call me Jackson.

Of course they're not just taking our word for cat obsession, applicants have to be qualified by The Veterinary Council of Ireland

Everything good and pure in the world.

I'm pretty sure every cat lover everywhere, ever, is super stoked about this job and hope that we can find similar options near us. Otherwise, let's all move to Ireland. For the cats, of course. I would be happy to cuddle with any type of cat but this is the cutest cat breed I've ever seen!

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