Proof That We Don't Deserve Cats Because They're Too Good For This World

You won't fall short of reasons to love cats. For one, their innocent curiosity always ends up being so hilarious and adorable. Their soft furs and little paws are also hard to resist. And oh, when they give you those cute, teary kitty eyes, you just couldn't say no to them.

Aside from being funny, cats are very loyal, loving, soft, cuddly, smart, elegant, beautiful... yes, the list goes on. They aren't just good pets. Studies show that our feline best friends can actually help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, release dopamine and serotonin, and improve our immune system. That's right, we don't deserve cats at all.

Check out these hysterical photos that prove we don't deserve them.

1. This proud mama showed her baby kitty cat to her hooman

2. This floofer is the cutest phone holder ever

3. This doggo loves being groomed, so lovely kitty cat grooms its doggo best friend

This is one of the many things that will make you say... AWWWW! You can watch the video of these two here.

4. Look how adorable these cuties.... Give them belly rubs and cuddles, please!

5. This kitty cat made a new colorful friend

6. This cat who chose hugs over treats

Watch the video here.

7. Hooman is staying up late, so this little guy stays up to support his hooman

Because sometimes being near is enough.

8. Big sis getting her baby sister's toy

Watch the video here.

9. This lovely cat gives her bearded dragon pal a friendly boop

Get ready to fall in love with this lovely kitty cat when you watch the video here.

10. These two cuties are best friends

Watch these two pals snuggling here.

11. This adorable feline welcomes the new pup to the family

12. This cat hates leafy greens but pretends to love it just so best friend bunny won't eat alone

This made me smile. Watch the video here.

13. This cat is eager to learn and patiently waits for the bell to ring before getting up for some snacks

I should've been this good when I was in school.

14. This fluffy cat poses to cheer up their favorite hooman

15. This cat is giving her hooman a kiss and probably asking him to chase her

This is an all day occurrence from r/aww

16. And lastly, this good boi who wants to hold his hooman while he sleeps

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